Coaches: Blog Guidelines & Steps


1. Write to your intended target audience. Who is your ideal client? What are their needs? What solutions do you provide?

2. Only post a message to one topic. Do not copy and paste the same message to multiple topics in order to draw attention to yourself, a pet project or some point of view you want to reinforce. Use that one post to articulate what it is you wish to share.

3. Start a new thread in the correct spot. Post under the topic that your comments apply to.

4. Stay on topic. Don’t wander off in all directions. If you need to say something else that is off topic, find the right category for it to fit under and go there to post your additional thoughts.

5. This blog are not the place to ‘pitch’ your products or services. Blatant self-promotional participants will taken off. Sorry to be so blunt, but the intent is to inform and help. Obviously there may be times that you offer 6. Add your signature so people can know and find you. Follow this procedure.

6. Create a signature that lets people know who you are, what you do and that links them to your website. Make it about 65- words. Use straight text (no colors, graphics, animations, etc.). Here is an example to show you the format. Link to the home page of your site or blog. Or ask them to check out your coach profile. The link to the coach profile is: http://www.christiancoaches.com/coach-referral-service.htm.  Do not link to affiliates or redirects.

Executive Coach, Gary Wood works internationally with leaders, executives and organizations to beat burnout, build capacity and less stressfully but more effectively move forward significant causes, projects and programs. Gary’s book, “52 Solutions for Those Who Need a 25 Hour Day” contains 52 essential strategies for leaders who are serious about improving day-to-day effectiveness. Gary’s website is http://www.gewood.com

7. Do not use the blog for reporting problems with any CCN system. The right people may not read it and you will not get a reply. Send requests for technical support or report a bug to director@christiancoaches.com.

8. Respect the decision of the moderator. Eventually there may be several moderators overseeing sections of the blog. They will be generous in giving their time to removing promotional links, redirecting posts etc. Learn from their decisions. It is not personal. And if they should make a mistake, just be gracious and take a different approach. And … remember to thank moderators. They are giving everyone a better experience.

9. No bad behavior, demeaning or distasteful language – This Blog is designed to be a supportive venue in which to share information and exchange ideas. If you take it upon yourself to exhibit behavior that undermines our purpose, you will be removed.

Steps to posting your article

  1. Visit the blog home page http://ccn.christiancoaches.com/blog scroll down the bottom right and click on register.
  2. Create your login. An password will be emailed to you.
  3. Login.
  4. Once inside click on post on the top left.
  5. Click on Posts and Add Post.
  6. Enter your title in the title field.
  7. If you need to change fonts please click on this icon icon.
  8. blog shotHighlight the text you want to change and select the right formatting option from the drop down list. See Example:
  9. Type or copy/paste the content of your article in the large box below the title. It might be easier to copy/paste from Notepad instead of
    MS Word.
  10. On the left, select the categories you think it should fall under.
  11. Under Keywords enter the keywords that people would search for if they used Google. It’s helpful to have those words in the article too.
  12. Click submit to review when you are done.
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